Hope for the Future!

Posted by On Belay on May 12, 2016 at 12:30 PM


First. Let me take a moment to thank all of you who have joined with us in this next chapter of our story. We are humbled and overwhelmed by your grace and kindness. Thank you.

The Back Story. We began sponsoring and falling in love with these children way back in 2007. They have stolen our hearts. Handwritten letters and occasional social media keeps us connected and we continue our relationships, although limited; we long for more.

Fast Forward Nine Years. These cute little children have now grown up into beautiful, articulate young adults. They are "aging out" of their sponsorship programs or do not have enough support to finish their education. They do not have family or any kind of safety net. These young people are at great risk. The statistics are staggering. Together we can change the statistics. You are part of the story. You are Hope for the Future.

Next Week. Barb, Bryan, Cathi and I, leave on May 19th from Seattle. Our circuitous route takes us from SeaTac to Amsterdam to Kagali to Entebbe. 22 1/2 hours of flight to reach our destination. Our goals of this trip are to connect with our kids, establish a baseline of need, develop infrastructure of discipleship and mentoring through the local faith community, and to ensure a safety net has been defined and put in place.

We are excited to see our kids and make deep meaningful connections. Thank you for being part of this story. I will be blogging and videoing all along our journey.



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