Stuck in the Jam.

Posted by On Belay on May 29, 2016 at 3:50 AM

Stuck in the Jam. Everywhere. Today. For breakfast this morning, I had jam on my bread. I didn't realize how much jam I would be getting into! It seems to us that anytime you have urgent business to attend to you get stuck in the jam. In Uganda, “stuck in the jam”, means a traffic jam. Picture this: a million cars on a one lane road, going who knows how many directions, without traffic lights, then throw in 8 million boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis) and you have a serious jam.


Banking on the Bank. We needed to get to the bank by 2:00pm. We thought that leaving two and a half hours ahead of time would compensate for any type of jam. We were only going 10 kilometers. Well... we made it. At 1:52! We were able to process the necessary paperwork to submit our first college application fee. A huge step forward for On Belay Ministries! Yay!


OJ, Mangoes, and More Jam. Jam is the word for the day. We visited our friend Richard at his home. Jam the whole way. A wonderful time seeing the family; his children are so grown up and lovely. Richard showed us around his home, gave us fresh orange juice, sweet mangoes, and hugs from his wife, three daughters and son. We took a lot of “snaps” and Cathi was the selfie queen with the kids.


Seriously 6 Hours. We left Richard’s and immediately entered the jam. The president of South Korea was in town. You may say “So what?!” I did. But they, the Ugandan Police, decide to close the main thoroughfare in ALL directions! Now, it is the end of the rainy season here and just over 80 degrees. For Ugandans, it is very cool. For us, with 90% humidity, and in the car with no air conditioning, it was, well… HOT! We spent a total of over 6 hours in the jam today. I will never complain about Portland traffic again. I will never complain about Portland traffic again. I will never complain about Portland traffic again. I will…


Grace and Peace. And may the Jam be far from you.


The VonHoffs




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