Student Entrepreneurs!

Posted by On Belay on June 23, 2017 at 12:40 AM

Several of the students with whom On Belay is partnering have an extended break until their studies begin again in January. To make good use of their time, these young adults have started a brick making business! This is an involved process with numerous, time-consuming steps. Over the course of four weeks, they dig and then mix soil with water (called mingling), let it dry for 2 days, repeat the mingling process, place mixture in brick forms, lay the bricks out and cover with grass and allow to dry for 2-4 weeks, build a tunnel of bricks and cover with mud, and finally, fire the bricks until dark red. This is a long, tedious and HOT process that requires hard work, endurance and dedication! We are proud of their initiative in gaining new skills and working so diligently!

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