Supporting the Whole Child

Developing well-rounded adults

Coming alongside young adults as they reach maturity requires a multi-dimensional focus.  UNICEF research identified five key needs that must be met for successful transition support:

  • Life Skills

  • Spiritual Care and Mentoring

  • Transitional Housing

  • Career Development

  • Church & Community Support

Our ministry strives to support our students in each of these of areas, through projects that focus on the following:

Food, Clothing, Shelter

When school is in session, many of the young adults receive room and board at school.  During intersession breaks, OnBelay provides housing and meals for all the supported children and young adults.  While the students are At Home, the Ugandan adult leadership strengthens the relationship with each student, providing emotional and spiritual support for their developing independence.


OnBelay assures that all students have the necessary funds to pay for school, including tuition, books, uniforms and other school supplies.  Students who have completed formal schooling are supported as they select and begin a career through apprenticeships and other job training opportunities.

Spiritual Support

The OnBelay leadership in Uganda encourages the supported students to seek and know God through Christ.

The Farm

OnBelay’s Farm provides income for the ministry and career opportunities for interested students. Learn more


OnBelay has responsibility for transporting supported students to and from school, job trainings, and medical appointments.  Significant funds are expended on taxis and car services for this necessary aspect of the ministry. Our goal is to purchase a vehicle that would reduce these costs and provide yet another job training opportunity for students interested in becoming a professional driver.  Learn more

We invite you to partner with us to make a difference in the lives of teenagers and young adults as they learn how to become independent, loved and loving adults.