What Partnership Means

We work together to better the lives of young people in Uganda. Your partnership allows us to:
  • Build relationships
  • Mentorship/career counseling
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Provide housing, food, and clothing
  • Take care of medical needs

Here are some of our current needs:

Monthly farm expenses: $150 per month

Ugandan staff salaries: $150 monthly or $1800/annually

Social worker salary: $100 monthly or $1200/annually

Rent and utilities for 2 houses (men’s and women’s): $400 monthly or $4800/annually

Shortfall for various sponsored students: $200 monthly or $2400 annually

University expenses beyond tuition: $200/student annually

Medical clinic monthly retainer $50/month = $600 annually

Emergency Medical Fund: $500

Primary school per semester: $250

Secondary school per semester: $300

University per semester: $1000

Thank you so much.

Please contact us directly if you would like to hear more.