The Farm: Developing Self-sustainability and Career Opportunities

On-Belay’s Farm Project provides students the opportunity to learn farm management while also offering jobs during school breaks.  It also generates income that is used to support other programs of the ministry.

The food grown on the farm reduces OnBelay food cost.  Surplus food grown at the farm provides a good source of income for the organization.

The farm has inspired one student, Kityo Frank, to choose farm management as his career goal.  By working full-time on the farm he will learn how to operate the farm and how to make a living by farming.

Thanks to our generous start-up donors, the farm operation is now self-sustaining, which gives us the opportunity to expand into animal husbandry.

Expanding into Animal Husbandry

OnBelay hopes to raise piglets and a cow on the farm.  The pigs will eat the farm produce that cannot be sold, costing very little to raise.  They can then be sold as meat in the market, increasing the farm’s revenue.

Cows produce milk and meat that can be sold at market.  OnBelay would begin with one milk cow and then develop a breeding program which will lead to further self-sufficiency for the organization.

God has blessed us with space for the farm - both plants and animals - and willing workers.  The current need is for construction of a pigsty and dairy shed.

Help expand the Farm

To contribute to this project, designate your giving to The Farm