Owning our Vehicle Increases Self-Sufficiency

Over the course of the years, OnBelay has relied on taxi and car services to transport students and staff between home and school, home and the farm, and to medical appointments.  As the ministry expands its work at the farm and in town, transportation needs grow and become more critical.

Purchasing a dedicated vehicle would ultimately reduce transportation expenses.  Without our own vehicle, we must budget $2000 annually for transportation of students.  To address this need, OnBelay would like to purchase a 9 passenger vehicle.

Owning the vehicle outright eliminates the annual cost of taxis and car services.  In addition, it provides an opportunity for the students to become entrepreneurs. The ministry would take advantage of this vehicle in the following ways:

  1. Transport farm produce to market

  2. Transport children to and from school

  3. Transport children to and from medical appointments

  4. Provide an opportunity for students to practice the auto mechanic skills they learned at trade school

  5. Utilize the skills of licensed students for driving, both for OnBelay and for hire.

  6. Provide another source of ministry/student income by establishing a car service for hire when the vehicle is not in use by the ministry.

To participate in making this vision a reality, designate your gift to Transportation when making your contribution.